App Updates for Fall 2015

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We finished a major update for last week. Here are some of the main highlights and new features.

Anchorage Spot Pinning

Our friends on @indigo gave us the idea to allow users to pin their exact GPS coordinates in an anchorage. Now, when you post an experience for a location, you click or tap the map exactly where you anchored. This gives people the ability to share the best places to drop the hook when entering a large anchorage or bay. See the picture above.

Updated Photo Feed

All photos are using a masonry style layout that is made possible by the Masonry Javascript library. This is an awesome library that I have used in several other projects and I think it fits quite nicely for


One request we’ve received frequently is the ability to send messages through the app. A simple messaging system has been implemented allowing users to contact each other through the app. From the user’s profile page, click on the icon to send a message. All user-to-user conversations are kept private.

Thousands of New Anchorages

We’re almost worldwide! We’ve expanded our database of anchorage knowledge to include the entire Pacific Ocean, Asia, Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean. We still need many more anchorages and marinas to these regions to be a truly comprehensive resource, and that’s where you come in…

Ability to Add New Anchorages

This project really depends on community participation and the collective knowledge of boaters from around the world. It is now possible to add locations if they don’t already exist. You just need to know a few basic facts about the location, then click it’s exact GPS coordinates from the map. It takes about 3 minutes from start to finish.

That’s about it for now. We look forward to adding new features as this project evolves.

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