blueprint's Experiences

at Santa Barbara Island

shared about 1 year ago dropped the hook at 33.48196 N, -119.028609 W

Anchored here once and had a hard time getting the anchor (Delta) to stick.  There is a small pier but it was pretty dicey to try to get on it because of the swell.  I heard it was damaged in 2017.

at Cabo San Quintin

shared over 1 year ago dropped the hook at 30.377012 N, -115.976433 W

I heard you can get cell reception 3G, NO WiF unless you go into town

at Cojo Anchorage

shared over 1 year ago dropped the hook at 34.450631 N, -120.443281 W

This is actually a nice anchorage after getting beat up coming down the coast and a good anchorage heading north to wait for a weather window.  Good holding in 25-30 ft of water.  NOTE: this is a no fishing bay as of 3/8/18

at Port San Luis

shared over 1 year ago dropped the hook at 35.175721 N, -120.738802 W

Good holding in 25 ft of water.  As of March 2018 the pier to the south which is a public pier is being worked on and is closed so if the swell is up and beach access is not possible the only other place to dingy ashore is at the pier in the far northwest corner of the bay which is about a mile away.  There are a few restaurants, a boat yard and some fish markets at that pier but that is all.

at Frys Harbor

shared over 1 year ago dropped the hook at 34.053379 N, -119.755025 W

I have been in this anchorage when it was blowing +25 knots and many boats dragged.  It seems that the ones that dragged were in close to shore or along the west and east sides.  The folks directly in the middle did fine.  The bottom shelves off into deep +70 ft of water pretty fast.  The winds were being funneled from the canyons in the southwest side of the cove.

at Morro Bay Harbor

shared over 1 year ago dropped the hook at 35.366455 N, -120.855078 W

Morro Bay has a great anchorage with really good holding.  This is my home port and I have anchored in the anchorage many many times.  Anchor between the mooring field to the south and bouy 12.  You will notice a float dock at the south end of the anchorage with 3 tall poles.  Use those 3 poles as range markers and stay to the east of that line.  There will appear to be a lot of water to the west of that line but it is only a few feet deep at low tide.  As of March 2018 anchoring is free for the first 5 days and then $5 per day