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at Newport Public Anchorage

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The anchorage in Newport Harbor is free for up to 5 days, offers great views of the city, and is flat calm (unlike the public docks that suffer from terrible surge). The bottom is thick mud that requires some effort to clean off. Harbor patrol requires that you stay on your boat at night, and we're pretty sure they do evening checks. We've seen them come by with spotlights. During our visits, we would spend most of the day off the boat with the dinghy locked up at the dinghy dock near the Coast Guard station. It's a bit of a ride from the anchorage, but that was the most convenient dock for us. 

Newport Harbor Public Anchorage // sailing classes coming close to the anchored boats.

at Isthmus Cove Two Harbors

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 On our first trip to  Two Harbors,  we hailed harbor patrol on channel 9 on our way in, and they assigned us a mooring. Because it was our first time mooring, they showed us to the location and made sure we tied up without any issues. If you would rather anchor, free anchorage is  available about 100 yards from the moored boats.

Here is a link the Catalina's page on how to use their moorings complete with a diagram. This was helpful for us on our first visit.


Shore boats are available to shuttle you from your mooring or anchorage to shore.  During our visit in 2013, the cost was $3.00 each way. There is a dinghy dock that gets pretty crowded at peak season, but it's manageable.

Fuel is available here and quarter operated showers and laundry are available  ashore. There is a quarter machine outside of the shower facility. Essential provisions and souvenirs  are available at the small general store.


Overall, we enjoy this spot more than Avalon. We like that it's a little more rustic,  and there are fewer tourists. Hiking/walking/biking trails are abundant with great views of the various coves. All kinds of recreational rentals are available. The water is clear and the bright orange garibaldi are easy to spot.  The only restaurant on shore is great for the obligatory Buffalo Milk, but I wouldn't recommend it for much more.

This is a convenient destination for sailing with crew of the four-legged variety. We found it easy to get our dog to shore, and the path to Cat Harbor and back was a nice distance for his morning and evening walks.

Our second visit to Two Harbors was a quick and chilly overnight stay in mid October. The moorings were discounted for the off season, and only a few boats were moored in the cove. 

We have a full blog post on this trip  here

Starfire on a mooring at Two Harbors.

at El Cardoncito

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Stunning & Private Lunch Stop

This is a narrow cove with red cliffs on either side, bright turquoise water, and a private white sand beach.  When we visited, the high cliffs were blocking the afternoon breeze that was blowing through Caleta Partida just to the south of us. We anchored in sand right in the middle of the cove in about 20 feet of water. Jumping rays breached around us echoing off the rock walls.  We were tempted to stay the night, but decided to head to an anchorage with a little more room. This is a beautiful little spot, great for paddle boarding, kayaking, or snorkeling.

Red cliffs, cacti, and bright blue water at El Cardoncito // november 2014 At anchor with the  private white sand beach off our bow.