Caleta Partida Boating Knowledge

Mexico Sea of Cortez Espiritu Santo


Caleta Partida is an anchorage located at 24.534402 N, -110.378547 W. Vessels can find protection during most prevailing conditions, but not storms. There are 0 slips and 0 mooring buoys available. Berthing costs are estimated to be free. Fuel is not available near this location.

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Nearby Anchorages

Playa la Bonanza 7.39 miles
Ensenada la Gallina 5.57 miles
Ensenada el Gallo 4.8 miles
Ensenada de al Raza 4.1 miles
Ensenada Ballena 3.2 miles
Ensenada del Candelero 2.0 miles
El Mezteno 1.58 miles
El Cardoncito 0.95 miles
Ensenada el Cardonal 1.21 miles
Ensenada Grande 2.14 miles

Key Stats


  • Lat: 24.534402° N
  • Long: -110.378547° W
  • Slips: 0
  • Moorings: 0
  • Fuel Avaliable: No


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