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China Harbor is an anchorage located at 35.46258 N, -120.992934 W. Vessels can find protection during moderate weather conditions, with some exposure. There are 0 slips and 0 mooring buoys available. Berthing costs are estimated to be . Fuel is not available near this location.

This is actually a great weekend getaway from Morro Bay which is hardly ever used because the locals think that it is surrounded by kelp.  I have found that if I line up with the cove due south of the cove I have always had a clear path straight into the cove.  Don't let the name fool you, this is not a harbor, it is a small cove were maybe 3 boats could fit.  There is a submerged rock mid cove on the west side but there is plenty of room between it and the visible rocks on the east side. I have anchored here with a single anchor with 150 ft. of scope and still had 50 yards each side to the rocks.  It can be a little bit rolly in this anchorage so a stern anchor takes care of that. You can anchor in 20-35 of water.  

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@blueprint China Harbor

- "Looking southwest from the anchorage towards Estero Pt."

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Looking southwest from the anchorage towards Estero Pt.

@blueprint China Harbor

- "Looking straight into the cove"

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Looking straight into the cove


Nearby Anchorages

San Simeon 16.46 miles
Port San Luis 24.3 miles
Morro Bay Harbor 9.87 miles

Key Stats


  • Lat: 35.46258° N
  • Long: -120.992934° W
  • Slips: 0
  • Moorings: 0
  • Fuel Avaliable: No


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