Isla Cedros Village Boating Knowledge

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Isla Cedros Village is an anchorage located at 28.09351 N, -115.18554 W. Vessels can find protection during moderate weather conditions, with some exposure. There are 0 slips and 0 mooring buoys available. Berthing costs are estimated to be free. Diesel fuel and gasoline are available, unless otherwise noted.

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Nearby Anchorages

Isla Este Island 26.11 miles
Turtle Bay 33.28 miles
Bahia Thurloe Clambey 38.77 miles
Isla Cedros North Anchorage 13.89 miles
Islas San Benitos 27.34 miles

Key Stats


  • Lat: 28.09351° N
  • Long: -115.18554° W
  • Slips: 0
  • Moorings: 0
  • Fuel Avaliable: Yes


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